4 Types of Eco Furnace Gas Piping Installation

During a home renovation—or perhaps while building a new home from scratch—one excellent addition you might want to consider is the installation of gas piping. Here are four major kinds of Ecofurnace.ca installation jobs:

BBQ Lines

Anyone who is serious about grilling might want to put this high on their list.  Installing gas piping ensures that your barbecues, grills, and other accessories are all in the same place. With top quality products and highly experienced installation, gas piping lines for your BBQ adds a special touch to backyard get together, family parties, or even just a simple dinner at home.

Furnace Gas Piping Installation

To add to the mix, though, when you have your BBQ gas piping lines installed by a professional, they will also probably offer cleaning and maintenance as well. This, of course, means you get to enjoy it without all the work that would typically be involved.

Whether your outdoor BBQ is luxurious or small, we can help you!


A well-installed garage heater can offer a quiet, convenient solution for as many as 3 cars at a time.  While their efficacy is important, of course, the best garage heaters can take up very little space; requiring only 1 inch of ceiling clearance and only 2 angle brackets for wall mounting high and out of the way.  Similarly, power exhaust can allow for both vertical and horizontal venting.  Finally, a low-profile cabinet will not get in the way of your car or your family.

There are several different types, though, so be sure you learn the different benefits between them to determine which is best for your home.

If you’re working on wood projects or using spray finishes, choose a heater with a separate combustion chamber. They warm fresh outside air instead of the dust / paint-laden air from inside a garage.


If you have thought about this BBQ line option, you might have also considered extending the lines to your kitchen range or also installing an oven or stove or perhaps a fireplace for your den or study or even a gas line for your laundry room.

A solid, professional company will focus not only on quick, quality installations using the most knowledgeable and experienced staff, but they will also know the ins and outs of the HVAC industry to comply with all safety standards and other regulations.


The summers may be getting hotter and hotter but that still doesn’t mean a good pool heater wouldn’t come in handy.  Besides as the weather starts to cool you probably are not going to be ready to retire the pool just yet.  This is why many consider installing lines for a pool heater as well.  Not only does this allow you to continue using your pool as the weather cools, but also it keeps the temperature consistent all year long!