How to Become a Residential Property Manager: Apply for a Certificate Online

If you are planning to become a residential property manager (or perhaps a property and business salesperson), obtaining the so-called certificate of registration is a mandatory step. Without it, you cannot legally manage and organise the letting of residential properties owned by third parties, nor complete any of the connected tasks. You can actually apply for the certificate online by ...

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The Top Steps You should Follow if You Want a Successful Mortgage Application

Especially for the first time buyer, securing a mortgage can turn out to be much more difficult than originally expected – any type of mortgage application has strict requirements, and meeting them can be a hassle. Understanding how mortgages work, and how those institutions who offer mortgages think, will greatly improve your odds of actually getting one. So how does ...

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Finding the Property in Asia You Want from Home

The days of pounding the pavement for hours on end when it comes to finding property to rent or buy are gone. You don’t have to give up your weekends to find something and you don’t have to worry you will miss out on the newest listing because you don’t have time to see them that day. Instead, you can ...

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