Extend Your Summer With Some Additions To Your Garden

After putting up with some appalling weather this summer, finally we have all been rewarded with blue skies and sunshine so make the most of it because it’s unlikely to last. It could be the ideal time to unpack that barbecue you bought last year but never got chance to use. However, you may want to make some additions to your garden if you want to party on into the evening. We asked Edwardes.co.uk for their suggestions!


Although the weather is hot and sunny, unfortunately the light has begun to fade much earlier in the evening so you are going to need some form of lighting if you want to carry on socialising outside. You will have several different choices depending on the type of light you require.

Garden lights that you simply stick into the ground wherever you need them can be a good option. Try an LED Crystal Glass Spike Kit for versatility and if you go for a version with blue LED bulbs you will certainly create an impact. For those who prefer a more subtle look, go for the version with white bulbs instead.


If you’d prefer to highlight just certain areas of your garden then perhaps it would be a better choice to go for an LED garden spotlight or two instead. You can direct them towards the areas of your garden you are most proud of and want to highlight such as a pond or flower bed. If you prefer the lighting to be restricted to the area close to your house then maybe fitting a couple of LED Wall Lights that direct the light up or down could be a good choice without lighting the whole of the garden up. Just consider carefully what you want to achieve and your late summer celebration will be a success.