How Dangerous Are These Carpenter Ants?

Many people often wonder whether carpenter ants are really dangerous and the answer can be both Yes and No. The carpenter ants usually do not prefer to bite humans unless they feel threatened. However, if they bite then there can be slight irritation but it will not cause any disease neither they spread any disease. Carpenter ants can however cause damages to the property if they are not eliminated from your premises.

 If there is any wooden structure particularly if it is wet or moistened due to rain or leakage of water due to any reason then they can cause damage. They can reappear after few seasons and sometimes solution pour fourmis charpentière or extermination of carpenter ants can be really very challenging.

Few tips to protect your home from carpenter ants

  • If you notice any kind of cracks, holes in various utility lines then try to seal those holes as they can easily make their entry through such holes
  • Make sure there are no tree shrubs or tree branches in close proximity of your house. If there are any then try to trim them so that they do not touch the walls.
  • You must store the fire wood much above the ground and as far as possible from your home
  • If there is any decayed or damaged wood in your premise then you must replace them

  • In case, there is any pipe leaking in the surrounding then try to get it repaired
  • The basement area which are most likely to be moistened should be well ventilated so that it remains dry

What is the difference between termite infestation and carpenter ant infestation?

Termites usually eat away woods while carpenter ants do not eat wood but damage it by forming their nest. By examining the damaged wood properly, you can make out whether it is due to carpenter ants or termites.

Carpenter ants usually polish their galleries and therefore it looks pretty smooth while termites totally damage the wooden structure. You can notice the debris and shavings near the wood which will indicate the presence of carpenter ants. Termites also produce certain debris but there is a distinct difference between the debris of these two.

Also damages that are caused by any carpenter ants are not as dangerous as done by termites. However, if you do not take any action against carpenter ants then within few years they expand their colony inside the wood and damage the structure.