4 Great Tips to Help Get Started with Interior Design

Thinking about flexing your creative muscle a little bit and trying your hand at interior design? While it is certainly rewarding to design and furnish a living space that you find comfortable and suited to your tastes – it can be a bit daunting too. Odds are you’re probably wondering where you should start, and the answer to that is simple: At the beginning.

Interior Design

  • Deciding on the purpose of a space

Every space in your home has (or should have) a particular purpose. Is it going to be a bedroom? A living area where your family congregates most of the time? A dining area for meals? Knowing the function and purpose of a space will help you to start to make decisions accordingly – so it makes sense that it is the very first thing that you should do.

  • Choosing a color palette

For professional designers, the color palette is often one of the very first decisions that is made. Most professionals will attempt to pick a 3-color palette that consists of a neutral color along with two ‘accent’ colors. If you’re comfortable with that approach – great, but otherwise you should feel free to approach it however makes you feel at ease. Many first timers often like to choose the color of their walls first, and then base other decisions around that.

  • Selecting a type of interior design

While not a ‘necessity’ by any stretch of the word, it does help if you have an idea of the ‘type’ of interior design that you’re going for. Initially you may want to approach it in the broadest sense of the word and decide on the style, i.e. bohemian, vintage, rustic, modern, and so on. One of the best ways to start to figure out what sort of type and style you’d like to go with is to do a bit of research and look up examples of various types of interior design before settling on one that you feel suits your tastes.

  • Positioning (and repositioning) furniture

Unless you happen to be fairly experienced with positioning furniture, it is a safe bet that you’ll reposition your furniture multiple times when you first start out and try to find that ‘ideal’ position that is functional and looks great too. While there is a certain amount of trial and error involved in positioning furniture, it would help to try to consider the factors that are at play – such as the lighting, traffic patterns, areas where people are likely to congregate, and so on.

It is completely understandable that all of this may sound a little bit overwhelming, but if you’re willing to devote time to it you’ll soon start to figure it out. Alternatively you could look for interior design Cornwall services that will help you out and provide you with the benefit of their professional experience. Just remember: Ultimately it is going to be your home, so you should be sure that you choose whatever feels comfortable to you.