5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is often the center of the home, but it can get dirty quickly and easily. Messes, bacteria and clutter in the kitchen can get out of hand very quickly if neglected, and they can completely detract from the design you’re so proud of. What’s one common thing you see in kitchen design galleries like this one? A clean kitchen! Here are five easy ways you can keep your kitchen clean so you don’t have to run a cleaning marathon on your spare time.


  • Clean Dishes: Make a habit to wash all of your dishes, pots and pans after you’re finished cooking and eating in the kitchen. Dishes can quickly pile up if they are just left in the sink, which can lead to bacteria growth and odor.
  • Wipe Down Surfaces: Another place bacteria can quickly grow if left uncleaned are the surfaces around your kitchen such as countertops, stovetop, and tables. Wipe down these surfaces every day to prevent growth of bacteria and accumulation of oils and debris.
  • Sweep Floors: Make sure to sweep the floors after prepping, cooking or eating in the kitchen. Crumbs of food can often find its way down to the floor and attract bugs or contribute to pesky odors.


  • Empty the Trashcan: The biggest culprit of bad odor in the kitchen can often be found in the trashcan. Whether you have large or small trashcan, make it a point to toss out the trash at least twice a week (more if you are in the kitchen more frequently). Food left in trashcans will begin to rot and put out foul smells, which can quickly penetrate through the entire house.
  • Clear the Garbage Disposal: Many people neglect the garbage disposal because it becomes a deep, dark hole at the bottom of the sink. After washing the dishes, make it a habit to let your garbage disposal run for a few seconds to clear out any food items that made their way down there during dish washing. If you have lemons on hand, throw a few slices (without the seeds) down the drain and let the garbage disposal run. The juices from the lemon can help clear oils in the drain, while the rind helps to do a gentle scrub of the drains. What will be left is a cleared drain and a fresh scent.


With these quick and easy methods, you will be left with a clean kitchen each day or time you use it, saving you hours of doing a through deep clean of your kitchen.