5 Tricks to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Did you know that the average person spends one and a half years of their life in the bathroom? It is hard to overlook a place we spend so much time in. Every person uses the bathroom differently. When a bathroom space is properly designed, it can be a real blessing. When looking for answers to questions like “how to decorate a bathroom,” people need to ensure that they design the space based on the needs of those who will be ultimately using it.

Most of us don’t realize that bathroom design, its size and cleanliness have a positive impact on our brain and kick start us for the day. Here are five ideas for decorating your bathroom to make it appear much more spacious than it actually it.

5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

1.     Use a Single Colour

When painting the bathroom opt for pale, soft colour or cool colour schemes, which will immediately give the illusion of a bigger space. However, try to keep every nook and corner in the bathroom in the same colour or tone. Matching light walls with dark tiles or vice versa, will make the bathroom space look smaller. To bring contrasting effects, experiment with colours of objects like vanities, light fixtures, etc.

2.     Keep the Ceiling and Wall Colour the Same

Many bathrooms have unusual shapes like low areas, which are oddly shaped or ceiling that are inclined. In such bathroom designs, the bathroom ceiling and walls should be painted in the same colour. Doing so will minimize visual hindrances due to intersecting planes and unpleasing transitions, while creating a feeling of a cleaner and a much larger space.

3.     Blend the Wall Colour with the Tile Colour

In a typical bathroom, we usually see floor tiles, wall tiles surrounding the bathtub or shower area or even all of the walls. Using different colours for these different areas will actually cut into the space of the bathroom. It is best to go for tile colours that blend well together with the wall colour. Use the flooring tiles in the bathroom on the walls too. Take the tiles used in the shower up to the ceiling to get the appearance of a larger bathroom.

4.     Recess Shelves into the walls

With a variety of bathroom cabinets available, creating storage space in a small bathroom for all of your odds and ends is much easier today. Modern bathrooms have medicine cabinets recessed into the wall. Similarly, bury your linen cabinet in the wall too. This will save you some extra inches of bathroom space.

5.     Use Large Sized Mirrors

Mirrors have become an inseparable component of bathroom décor. Opt for mirrors big enough to reach the ceiling. This will make the bathroom look grander and larger. Use clear glass in your shower to eliminate a visual barrier in the bathroom.

In a nutshell, less transitions with low contrast is the key to creating more expansive space in the bathroom.