Discover The Most Energy-Efficient Window Treatments!

Homeowners around the world are concerned about escalating energy bills. The cost of heating or cooling your home is increasing each year, but there are a few practical solutions too. First and foremost, replace old HVAC systems with new energy-efficient ones, and secondly, get the right window treatments. If you look for window treatments with regards to energy efficiency, you will find bunch of options, and the best ones are listed below.

  • Plantation Shutters. When you look for materials for window treatments, you must consider the R-value. In case of Plantation Shutters, the R-value is 4.0, and if you compare that with vinyl or wood, this is an ideal choice in many ways. You can use plantation shutters for most windows and rooms easily.

  • Cellular Shades. Considered to be one of the best options for energy efficiency, cellular shades are great in aesthetics too. You can go for a wide range of fabrics, depending on the interiors of your home. If reduced utility bill is what you seek, go for double cell shade fabrics. R-values for the most options range between 2.0 and 5.0. Go for something better and you will see the difference considerably.

  • Roller shades. Talk about economical choices for window treatments, and you have Roller shades, which come in all sorts of styles and designs. Go for solar screen shades or one of the blackout fabrics to reduce heat escape. In terms of R-value, it can be anywhere from 1.3 to 1.8, but blackout blinds work better as far as energy efficiency is concerned.

Things to note

Talk to your window blinds seller to know more on the best energy efficient treatments for your windows. Costing can be a major factor for sure, but in the long run, you will save significantly on energy bills. Also, everything can be customized to match the needs of your home, so the aesthetics won’t be matter of concern. However, be very specific with R-value numbers, and make sure that your seller gives an estimate in advance. Customizing the color and design may cost a tad more, but that’s worth paying, because some treatments, such as window blinds, can last for a decade easily. Not to forget, the maintenance requirements are minimal at best.

Additionally, ensure that you don’t have gaps in your home that are probably causing the air to escape. Get your air conditioners and HVAC systems serviced regularly to avoid heating problems.