Easy Ways To Make Your Workplace More Pleasant

If you work full time, then you spend the majority of your waking hours in the workplace. If it’s a pleasant place to work then you may enjoy your time there and feel motivated to work hard, but if there are any issues then they can soon get annoying. That’s why it’s important to have a pleasant environment, and luckily it doesn’t take much time or money to improve things. Even small changes can make a big difference, so here are some tips for making your office a better place to work.

Get more plants

Greenery cheers people up, and many people enjoy having a plant to take care of in the office. Plants are cheap, colourful, and usually don’t require too much attention. They can make your workplace look cared for and homely, and are a quick option for those who want to add a bit of colour to a dull area.



Repainting your workplace makes a huge difference, but many companies wait until the old paint looks dated or is grubby before they get the painters in. However, it’s usually a quick job, and if you look for commercial painters in Perth then they’ll be able to ensure minimal disruption. Some ideas for making your workplace more pleasant include:


  • Using mostly clean, neutral colours
  • Adding a splash of colour with a feature wall
  • Adding your company’s logo to a wall
  • Choosing colours that cheer people up

Painting is a cheap way to cheer up your office and make things more pleasant, and it shows your employees that you care.

Allow some personal possessions

Many offices have a clear desk policy which is great for avoiding clutter, but can make some offices feel a little clinical. Allowing a few personal possessions such as photographs make things so much cheerier, and staff will love it. If you want to keep things tidy, then consider adding small cork boards on each workstation for things like photos, as this will limit the amount they can display.

Young woman painting wall

Create a break area

Breaks are essential for productivity, and people will love having an area to socialise when away from their desks. Consider using a corner of the office as a designated break area. You could perhaps add some comfortable chairs, a coffee machine, or even a small kitchen area, and this will cheer people up and encourage them to take their breaks away from their desk.


There are lots of cheap, easy ways to make your workplace more pleasant, whether it’s moving the furniture around, or adding some decorations, and endless ways to cheer up your employees. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to do this work, and usually there’s minimal disruption. A pleasant workplace can mean better productivity, happier employees, and more people wanting to work at your place. That’s why it’s worthy of investment, even a small amount, and you’ll no doubt notice the difference in the increased morale of your staff.

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