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Whenever the seasons change in Toronto, it is common to see ants, roaches and other pests trying to get inside the home. Whether you’re having problems with millipedes, centipedes or ants, it make no difference — you just want the madness to stop. There are all sorts of remedies for ant control available in the GTA area, but while these home-made remedies may buy you some time, they won’t ever truly get rid of the problem. So many people run to their local hardware store to buy over-the-counter best control solutions, but the sad reality is that some of these DIY “solutions” may make the problem worse or do nothing at all. It’s a gamble when you try do-it-yourself pest control and it may cost you more in the long run. If you live in a dense metropolitan city like Toronto, it is wisest to call in a professional the moment you suspect an ant problem.

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Most of the time when a home is infested, the homeowner will dilly-dally, which often means that an exterminator cannot get to the problem site quickly enough — which leads to a longer, more difficult, and more expensive extermination process. To treat ants, you must know the patterns of ants and their feeding habits. No, they are not the dirtiest of pests, but they sure can be annoying, and often times the problem is much worse than it seems on the surface. They climb down walls and there seem to be hundreds at a time. Leave out a piece of food in the kitchen and see how many come running. For all the ants that you see, there are hundreds or thousands more that you don’t see.

Ants live in nests, which means that the workers go out and find food and take it back to the nest to feed the others. This is true of all ants from the fire ant variety down to the carpenters. About twenty percent of the nest is comprised of workers. They only venture out about 100 feet or so from the nest looking for food. Trying to sneak a poisonous piece of food in to their next to kill the colony is a pipe dream — it’s often much more economical and practical to hire a professional exterminator.

An expert technician from a company like Toronto Pest Exterminators will not only treat your pest problem, but also help show you how to avoid future infestations. Any pest control expert will tell you that ant control is as much about prevention as it is about extermination. There are things that the homeowner can do to make sure that the ants don’t have 5-star accommodations at your home. First, take out the trash every day. Ants love jelly, soda and anything sweet. Removing their source of food causes them to move elsewhere. Another way to help avoid an issue is to seal off any cracks around doorways or windows. Ants are small and can get through the tiniest of crevices. Of course, a pest control expert from Toronto Pest Exterminators will do more than just talk — they’ll provide you with service that works. The best pest control companies will provide an inside and out assessment, and offer a warranty for their service, which includes no-charge follow-ups. A great company will give you a warranty that lasts for up to a year.

If you have pets or small children, you should also pay attention to the chemicals employed by each company. Thanks to the many green products on the market today, there is no reason why extermination products have to be harmful to pets or humans. There are ways to take care of pests without compromising the safety of those living in the home. The best way to take care of an ant problem is to attack them when you first see them and to hop online and get some ant control help from Don’t put off treatment, as it will only make matters worse and more difficult to treat.