How To Find The Best Rental Home For Your Needs

If your lease is coming to an end and you’re in the market to find a new house or flat to rent, you may be overwhelmed by all of the tasks ahead of you. In reality, if you break it down and prepare carefully, finding a great rental property to move into doesn’t have to be too difficult. Just follow these tips and you’re bound to find a lovely home that’s got everything you want from a property.

Work with a great agent.

A good estate agent can be a huge help when it comes to finding the right property. They’ll be able to take note of all of your priorities; from the number of rooms to whether you need a pet-friendly home, a house with a garden, or a small bachelor’s pad at a low price point. Whatever you want from your new home, there are plenty of houses for rent surrey hills and a great estate agent will help you pinpoint and apply for the property that ticks all of your boxes. Working without an agent can make the process far more difficult, as you then have to sift through all of the listings alone and try to figure out which property will be right for you.

Give yourself time.

One of the great things about having a good amount of notice before your lease is up or before you decide to move out and find a new rental property is that it gives you plenty of time to search for the home that really suits you. Don’t leave the hunt until the last minute or you could find yourself stuck in a situation where you only have a few options and you don’t really love any of them. Start visiting potential properties early on so you can quickly apply for your lease if you find somewhere you love and save a last-minute panic.

Make a checklist of priorities.

When you’re visiting various homes to let, you’ll find it difficult to make a well-informed decision if you don’t have a clear list of what you need from the property. You can make separate categories in your list for things you want and things you need. For example, you may really want a home with a bath, but be willing to accept a different property if it still ticks all of your ‘need’ list items. With each property, check whether it meets your needs, and then move on to the ‘wants’ to decide which is the top of your wish list.

Develop a reputation as a good tenant.

When it comes to securing that new lease, you want to make sure you’re in a strong position to score the property that you want rather than losing it to another applicant. In this case, coming across as a great potential tenant will do you major favours. You can make this happen by keeping your credit score high, maintaining a good relationship with your current landlord, always paying your rent on time, and keeping a list of positive references from past landlords that the homeowner can contact should they consider taking you on as a tenant. If you can prove that you’re an ideal tenant, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a lovely new home.