Seven Helpful Moving Tips

Moving into a new house is an exciting life event, one that has a hefty to-do list. It ranges from booking a moving company to hiring house cleaners. Here’s a few tips to make the process easier and to help you get everything done.

Choosing a Moving Company 

When it comes to moving companies, you want to make sure that you’re using a legitimate one. Do a little research to ensure that you’re hiring a company that is insured, licensed and trustworthy. Check the Better Business Bureau. It’s also a good idea to use a company recommended by family members or friends.

Transfer Your Utilities 

A few weeks before the date of your move, contact each of your utility service providers to notify them about your impending move. Schedule disconnecting and connecting dates for your electric, water and gas. You should also call your internet and cable providers as well as the company that secures your home.

Measure Your New Home 

Before moving into your new house, measure the structure’s interior spaces and your current furniture to see how well everything will fit. This step lets you tell the movers where to place your belongings. It also helps you avoid any surprises involving furniture that is too large for a room.

Cleaning Your Old and New Home 

Renew Crew of Castle Rock can help you clean your old and new home. The company has the equipment to power spray exterior patio areas, siding and pathways. If time is short, then consider hiring a company to clean the interior of your old and new home as well.

Forward Your Mail 

Be sure to visit the website to have your mail forwarded before your move. Once you reach the site, select the date that you want the postal service to start sending your mail to the new address. If you forget this step, you may not receive important packages, bills or personal correspondence.

Get Out the Label Maker 

While packing, be sure to label your boxes. This will make moving your stuff into your new home quicker and easier. Labeled boxes allow you and your movers to put boxes where you’ll be unpacking them. This tip also protects your belongings since you can mark boxes that contain delicate items as fragile.

Rent a Self-Storage Unit 

Consider renting a self-storage unit if you’re downsizing or unsure about what things you want to move into your new home. Rent one that offers climate-controlled units as well as security.

Preparation Makes Moving Easier 

Preparation is the difference between your move going smoothly or it becoming a nightmare experience. While it’s unlikely that everything will go as planned, preparation can help your move turn out pretty well.