Switching to Neon Lights

Switching to Neon Lights

With the rapid advancement in technology, the lights used in homes or especially in advertisement banners that need to catch the eye, are being changed by the neon lights.

The neon lights have glass tubes in which neon gas is used. There is an electrode on each end. The electrodes produce a high voltage which ionize the gas in the tube. The ionization causes the gas to emit colored light. Different gases give off different colored light upon ionization for example, mercury gives off blue color, helium yellow, carbon dioxide white and neon gives off orange light. The tubes for neon gas can be shaped in any way and this is one of the reasons they gained such popularity. Initially they were used by the entertainment industry or for advertisement, but due to other several advantages, they are being used even for domestic purposes. Neon lights are very much like fluorescent light. In fluorescent lights, the light emitted by the gases are used to excite fluorescent material coat in the tube which gives away shiny bright light. Fluorescent lights are usually used when very bright light is required.

LED Neon Lights for Decoration

There are two types of LED neon lights. Both are used as per the requirement and desire however, the lightening they produce are different. The first type contains Surface-mount device-SMD on a Flexible Printed Circuit while the second type contains Dual in-line DIP LEDs. The latter type is unique in a way that it has fewer LEDs per meter. It may have about 50-60 LEDs per meter. This gives off the effect that you can see the individual dots of lightening in the tube. On the other hand, in SMD neon lights, there are more than 100 LEDs per meter which does not let the visibility of individual LEDs. They are evenly distributed in the tube, but one cannot see the LEDs. This gives the advertisement banners their smooth look.

Whether you choose the LED Neon light for your application or not depends on a few factors. Moreover, deciding the type of neon light is also a question that only you can answer for yourself. LED Neon lights do have a little complex installation method so if you need it for decoration in your house, make sure you make the necessary arrangements in the walls. Secondly, the decision on the type of neon light is solely based on your desire. You have been told about the look both lights give so it’s up to you which one you would prefer, the dotted appearance or a smooth one. Usually for kitchen and lounge, people tend to choose the SMD Neon lights. But, again, it depends on your wish, how you plan to use the lightening.

Neon vs LED Lights

The Neon lights have a number of advantages over the ordinary LED lights or other forms of lightening and this is the reason the spectrum of their applications is being broadened with passing of each single day. Following are some of the advantages one gets when choosing Neon lights.

  • Longer Life

Neon lights offer a longer life span than any of the other lightening systems. A simple bulb lasts about 4-5 months while the LED lights, which are preferred for being energy efficient and longer life span, last about 4-5 years. Neon LED lights, on the other hand, last about 10-12 years. Even then, after so many years, the possible cause for the failure is failure in wiring.

  • Wider Range of Operating Voltage

The standard lightening systems, whether it’s a bulb or LED, require a fixed voltage to operate while Neon lights, offer a range of operating voltages. This makes them more feasible to use.

  • Energy Efficient

Lastly, the major concern of most users is the energy consumption. The light produced in Neon lights is due to the neon gas so it uses significantly lesser amount of energy.

Some considerations for LED Neon signs

When choosing the Neon Light for your house or office, it is very important that you ask yourself a few questions before buying the system for yourself. These questions include,

  • Size of Building.
  • Color of the Lightening you need.
  • If it’s a sign you need it for, what do you want it to say.
  • The font, if the application includes any form of writing.
  • Lastly, the inclusion of any kind of images or any design other than writing.

A final comparison of LED Neon Lights with Neon Light bulbs

Energy Consumption

Neon light bulbs use neon gas fluorescents to power the light while LED neon lights use semiconductors which makes them more energy efficient.

Life span

The LED Neon lights offer considerably longer life span than the simple light bulbs.

Installation & Environment Friendly

LED Neon lights are terrifically easy to install and require no installation guide. Traditional neon bulbs, on the other hand, require a technician.

The simple neon bulbs have the potential issue of mercury contamination in case of prolonged usage. The LEDs, on the other hand, pose no such threat.


As expected, LED lights are far more durable than the simple neon bulbs as these are extremely fragile. The glass breaks away on slightest impact. LED Neon lights are also flame resistant.