The allure of Scandinavian Furniture

The time was the mid 1900’s and something wonderful was happening in the Nordic countries. New ideologies were being well tolerated, and the forward steps made in social democracy allowed room for more imagination. For designers however, their sights were set on something rather trivial- furniture. Functional, beautiful furniture had been a reserve of those who had amassed fortunes, leaving out all the rest to other distasteful options. But at this time, with a new design movement emerging, as well as the cost of materials coming down, it was decided that objects we use every day could both be affordable and well-designed without costing too much. And so the Scandinavian design was born.

This new design that combined modernity and functionality into aesthetic creation became an obsessive compulsion for designers that helped propel the design to the rest of the world. Fast forward to today and Scandinavian design has cemented its place internationally. It has stretched as far as Australia, where Nordic furniture is especially liked, because it combines the use of creative designs, with affordable, high-cost materials into furniture pieces that can be used in any room of the house.It is hard to give just one reason why Scandinavian design has become so compelling the world over. The way it combines simplicity and minimalism in products that are authentically aesthetic is the biggest one that comes to mind. Where other furniture pieces rely on sophistication or use of rare, expensive materials, Nordik Living furniture instead relies on its simplistic origins and simplistic beauties to win the masses over.

Better Availability

For those who like immersing themselves in Nordik living, the challenge has being accessing the right pieces to bring to life that décor taste to life. But here in Australia, that is not a need that has gone unnoticed. Many furniture enterprises have specialized in Scandinavian design and offer nothing but the best pieces from the world up north. This, if anything, indicates maturing tastes that many Australians have been keen to adopt.

For this reason, finding Nordik pieces for your dining area, lounge, bedroom and kitchen is as easy as doing a cursory online search. The options that will be open to you will overwhelm you to say the least, indicating that there is now,  more than ever, a high local availability of designs, specialty or otherwise,from all across the world. And they come wearing all kinds of personalities- from rustic to contemporary and everything in between.

The Nordik furniture sold locally is not imported. While that would be the best option, it would increase the cost of the furniture significantly, and digress from one of the qualities that it truly stands for- affordability. Thus the furniture is assembled locally, using locally sourced materials, but using designs that emanate from, or are inspired by Scandinavian design. This has made way for an extensive plethora of design options, with some sellers offering you the option of building your own custom pieces- ideal for those who know a thing or two about this kind of design.

For that truly authentic Scandinavian aura, you can combine your chosen Nordik pieces with other popular Scandinavian choices, such as the use of the accent color blue, monochromatic walls, and large paper lanterns. Your only limit is your imagination.