The Benefits of Gas Water Heaters

If you are looking for a water heater replacement in Phoenix, look no further than gas water heaters. Gas water heaters are extremely popular for a variety of reasons including that they heat water up quickly, they can be operable during a power outage, and you may experience reduced energy bills. Keep reading to discover if a gas water heater is the right choice for you and your family.

The Water Heats Up Quickly

One of the biggest pros of gas water heaters is that the water heats up rapidly. If you have a large household it is probably better to invest in a gas water heater over an electric heater. This is because electric heaters heat up less water in about double the time as your average gas water heater. People who experience hot water running out quickly may want to consider installing a gas heater in their home instead.

Operable During a Power Outage?

Another benefit of a gas water heater is that they are still functional during a power outage. If you have a pilot light on your heater, there is a good chance you won’t have to worry about running out of hot water even in emergency situations like blackouts. Even though gas heaters are generally more expensive, it may be worth it if you experience power outages somewhat frequently.

You May Experience Reduced Energy Bills

Investing in a gas water heater may result in lowered energy bills. This is because natural gas is less expensive than electricity. Even if the heater does not last as long, you still save money by having to pay significantly less per month. It is important to note that electric water heaters are considered by some to be more environmentally friendly because gas heaters allow hot air to escape and use more of it.