The four stresses of building a house

Besides all the obvious physical restraints that come with building a house, there are many, many others that come as part and parcel of this. They are not all as apparent as others, and have the annoying ability to sneak up on all involved when they least expect it. They are good to know by name, so that when they do arrive, you can pretty much put your finger on one or all of them and deal with them accordingly, as and when you need to.

Marital or spousal stress

If you are doing the building of the house with or for your closest loved one, then the stress levels are bound to increase because of who you are trying to please. If you are looking after yourself, through the building inspections in particular, then you are potentially being selfish and need to look away from yourself. If you motivation is for someone else, then your selflessness can look at itself in the face and smile – if you are into personification, then this works well for you and it.

Financial stress

The dollar, euro, rand or pound expenditure for building can go from trivial to astronomical in a matter of days or weeks, if not months and years. You have to admit, at some stage or another, that is getting to you – and playing on your mindset, if not your bank balance. It can also affect your mood at home, with and around the rest of your family, alongside your work colleagues and in other environments. Recognising this facet of stress factors can be quick and easy if you put your mind to it – and really allow the thoughts to penetrate your inner thinking.

Budgetary stress

Not to be confused with its overall financial stress counterpart, the budgetary element speaks of the more incremental, monthly picture than it does the over-riding cost of it all. You could have one really cheap month, which would make you smile, but then be left frowning as a new month takes on all sorts of outlay and expense. The lack of balance is evident, in many situations, be it daily even, when a morning of cheapness could pave the way for an afternoon of major costing.

Emotional expense

This can really take its toll when dealing with the other relationships, aside from, say, your marriage, you will have during the building process. Talking to the builders, communication with the quantity surveyor, chatting to the electrician, phoning the plumber, walking the work that needs doing with the plasterer – it’s all very stressful, and can give you a headache. But take your time and be smart rather than busy with your communication. You can relieve the stress in most areas by just being more clever in the way you chat to them – meet them on a level that they will comprehend and be able to oblige.

Finishing expense

When the job is all but completed, so-called buyer’s remorse or other regrets might kick in, but quickly avoid these and instead choose to look what you are on the brink of finally creating, through your hopes and dreams.