These 5 Repairs You Can Do By Yourself in Your Rented Property

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when something malfunctions in your rented property? It must be, ‘Call the Landlord’. However, if the damage demands a minor repair, then you can very well undertake it rather than bothering your landlord. And there is no need to worry because these minor repairs won’t eat your security deposit.

So, let’s say if you have your flat on rent in Pune where there is no handyman service provider available nearby or your room for rent is on the outskirts of Hyderabad where again there is no help available, then these DIY repairs are always there to your rescue.

  1. Squeaky spots on the floor

You have rented an apartment and later discovered some squeaky spots on the floor? Well, the squeaky floors don’t point at any sort of structural problem. It is just the problem of settling. To fix that, sprinkle some talcum powder between the spaces that have emerged due to cracks.

  1. Leaky Kitchen Pipe

The kitchen pipe may start to leak due to a loose or broken washer or compression nut. To fix this it, first turn off the water and put a bucket right under the pipe and start twisting the compression nuts to unscrew the washer. Once the washer is replaced, screw it back and turn the water supply on. The leakage will be fixed and that won’t harm your security deposit.

  1. A stained carpet

A single stain on the carpet doesn’t make it worth replacing. Carpets are expensive and can’t be replaced every now and then. To fix the damage, consider adding a patch of a same type of carpet to your carpet. The carpet scraps are available in the market and you can use it to meticulously hide that inconspicuous stain.

  1. Mould Spots Present On The Walls

Consider this situation. Your 1bhk flat on rent in Pune in on the top floor of the building. Because of continuous raining, mould and mildew mark the presence in your room.  Will you just leave your place? Of course, not. The easy fix for this is to mix water and bleach and rub the walls for removing the fungi. Afterwards, scrub the area gently with clean water till the time the stain disappears. You can repaint the area, once it is dry and resume your comfort again.

  1. Creaky Door Hinges

Most of the tenants encounter the problem with the door hinges that makes moving of door back and forth a difficult exercise. To overcome this, the best and the easy remedy is rubbing the petroleum jelly at the joints of the door hinges. In case, the petroleum jelly is not available, you can use the three-in-one oil for lubricating the hinges.

So, next time you come across any of the above-mentioned repair tasks, you know what to do. Try to handle similar small tasks on your own for they won’t deduct a penny from your security deposit. And, of course, for the major repairs, your landlord is always there.