Three Cool Garden Furniture Ideas on the Cheap

Whether you are dreaming of the picture-perfect garden or working hard to put one together, having the right garden furniture is always a key element to that plan. But outside of finding the perfect garden furniture sale at the right time, it isn’t always easy to find beautiful garden furniture to complement your ideas and still stay in budget. But since we don’t want to be sitting on packing crates while we eat our dinner el fresco, here are some cool ideas to create great furniture for that outdoor space without spending a million bucks.


Go the Do It Yourself Route

This is, of course, the one most of us consider and then toss aside. After all, not everyone has the tools and the patience to be making their own furniture. Even something casual for outdoor living still needs a bit of planning to pull off. But we have some great idea on how to do this without a ton of tools beyond the basics in your home repair box.

  • Refinish an old aluminum chair – Anyone who knits has a “stash” of yarn they mean to use but never get around to finding the right thing for it. Why not take that wool and use it to macramé or do a simple weave over the frame of an old aluminum folding chair? It finishes up fast, looks great and you can always change it up next year.
  • Turn terra cotta planters into side tables – If you have a couple of big old terra cotta planters that you just never got around to refilling when their plants died, here is a great re-use. Stack them one on top of the other, the bottom one upside down and add glass to the top. Voila! You have a new side table and can still use those planters if you need them somewhere down the line.
  • Pallet Furniture – This has become all the rage and you can see why. If you can get your hands on two old pallets from the local grocery store, they make a great centerpiece table for the backyard or deck. The materials are cheap, all you need is a hammer and nails, and you have a great conversation piece as well.

Paint It Up!

I am a great believer in paint as the go-to for any change up in decorating. For starters, you can spray paint those tired old white plastic patio chairs some dayglo colors. Be sure that the paint you use is specifically for plastic when you do, though. While you are at it, why not change up that wooden furniture that is getting a bit tired and worn looking?

If it has not been painted before be sure to add a sealant and then go nuts. Paint the legs one color and the backs a different one, or paint each chair in a set a different color. Be creative, pick unconventional colors to mix things up. Paint is always the perfect thing to use to hide a multitude of sins when it comes to old furniture.

Haunt Yard Sales

Don’t forget that one person’s trash is always someone else’s treasure and it could be yours. The best way to find hidden treasures at yard sales is to go early and go often. Head out at the break of dawn every weekend, coffee in hand, and make the rounds. If you know where the ritzy neighborhoods are, check them out first for the best finds. And don’t forget, you can apply our other two ideas to anything you find here.