Three Tips for Working with an Interior Designer

Whether you are decorating a new property or you’ve decided your home needs updating, you may want the help of an interior designer. Decorating a house can take weeks of planning and you may not have the time do it properly on your own. If you do decide to hire an interior designer, here are three tips for working with one:

Interior decorator examining colors

Explain Your Likes and Dislikes

To avoid wasting your time and the designer’s time, be clear about what you expect from their work. Try to be as clear as possible about what you want or don’t want to see in your house. If you hate certain colours and furniture styles, be sure you communicate that to the designer.

It may help to snip pictures from magazines or to pull up examples of what you really like on your computer when you start discussing design options with an interior designer in Sydney. The designer works for you, so if you don’t want to make changes in a room or get rid of certain furnishings you already own, don’t let them try to talk you into it. Be firm about what you want and expect from them.

Explain Your Likes and Dislikes

Go Over Your Routine

Let the designer know how you use your house and what activities you do in the rooms they are going to be decorating. If you exercise in the living room or put your keys on a peg on the wall, you should explain that to the interior designer so you don’t lose the functionality of your house. If you find space lacking in your kitchen and you like to cook, explain that to the designer. The more you describe what you need or do in your home, the better their design will fit your needs.

Smiling designer using his tablet pc and looking at camera

Speak up When Necessary

When the designer shows you the designs they have created, don’t be shy about telling him or her about what you like or don’t like about their work. Ultimately, you are the one who has to live in the house and pay the bill when the project is done. If you don’t like the colours, the furniture or the lighting, you won’t feel comfortable in your own home.

You need to be honest about your budget as well. If you cannot afford some of the furnishings the designer is considering for your home, let them know so they can look for ways to get the same visual effect with less expensive accessories. By letting the designer know what they have to work with, they will avoid sourcing items they know are out of your price range and you won’t be faced with sticker shock.

Speak up When Necessary

By being honest and openly communicating with your interior designer, you can avoid many problems with their designs, and they can better achieve the look you want. Not only will you have a beautiful-looking house, but you won’t go broke when you get the designer’s bill. Getting the home of your dreams will be less stressful when you are honest.