Top Tips to a Beautiful Kitchen

Many of us take pride in our home and the way it looks but if there is one room in a house that people often take a lot of time to perfect it’s their kitchen. Creating a nice-looking kitchen can be tricky, as there are lots of things to consider from the aesthetics to the functionality and it is a room that you will need to think carefully about when working out the placement of everything, from the oven to the cupboards.


Modern kitchens can add a lot of value to a property and they are often referred to as being the heart of the home. In order to get hold of some ideas about what to do to create the perfect kitchen for your home, it is well worth going to see some showrooms. You can find showrooms featuring kitchens in Birmingham, London, Coventry, Manchester and indeed in any major UK city and this is a fantastic way to see a few different designs in action.

There are lots of things to think about when designing a kitchen, so let’s take a look at some of our top tips now:

  • Create Wide Walkways

You want as much space as possible in a kitchen when you move about cooking, so make sure that there is lots of space for moving around.

  • Put Appliances at the Right Height

Items such as a microwave will benefit from being at eye level, while toasters are better on the worktop, so always think about the height of the appliances before installing them.

  • Create Lots of Storage Space

It is imperative to have lots of storage space in a kitchen, so if you think you have enough drawers and cupboards, add a few more as you will be surprised at how much storage space you really need.

Don’t forget the following handy tips:

  • Use storage space underneath the oven/hob
  • Put shelves up and have some items on display, such as pretty bowls
  • Install corner cupboards to make the best use of all of the space


Everything from spices and utensils to cutlery and crockery need to be stored in the kitchen and there is rarely enough space for everything, so adding a few more cupboards is always a good idea.

  • Use Light Colours

Light colours make any room appear larger and more spacious, so try to paint the walls in a light colour, get cabinets fitted in a bright hue and don’t forget the worktops, as they are a huge focal point.

  • Think About the Space and How it Works

Arguably, the most important thing to consider when designing a kitchen is how the space functions. You want the sink to be close to the hob, as you don’t want to be lugging boiling pans of water from one side of the room to the other, while plates and cutlery should be stored close to the worktop that will be used for dishing food up.

Taking some time to go around a showroom is a great way to see how different designs operate and look, which is extremely valuable when designing a kitchen.